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Policy from Gurtner

The policy and the values from Gurtner company

Our socials and ethics values

  • We are a human-sized company where employees and social partners are central to the organization and concerns.
  • Management has a commitment of transparency and communication in its strategy and its deployment underpinned by organizational processes in place.
  • We want to develop into our company a culture of continuous improvement : Human remains dominant on the system and the operational quality is the standing instruction of the staff.
  • We are strengthening our Product & Service innovation culture, allowing our company to be sustainably present on the market of gas equipment.
  • We care about the environment and sustainable development.
  • We are engaged in community life, and are open to societal and professional actions in the region.
  • We develop with our customers and suppliers a lasting relationship.
  • We have a continuing concern of compliance with laws and European French.
GURTNER | 40, rue de la libération CS 60129 - 25302 PONTARLIER Cedex